Mixed Metal Geometric Planter

£240.00 inc. VAT


All our products are proudly produced in the UK


The Geometric Planter is unique mix of laser cut Corten panels and a bright stainless steel under panel. This mixed metal design is totally unique and will add a real statement to your outdoor space. The elaborate design emulates the intricate patterns of Morocco.

This planter is 0.5 m x 0.25m x 0.25m and comes with a 0.25m x 0.18m x 0.18m, high-quality insert and support plate for the insert as standard.

If you wish to have this planter in a different combination of materials, then please email us at enquiries@exteria.co.uk and we will process this as a bespoke order for you.

All Corten and mild steel products will be delivered un-rusted. The metal will naturally rust when exposed to natural elements, giving each product a unique patina. Corten or untreated mild steel can contaminate the soil and make it difficult for plants to grow in this area. The rust colour may be carried by the rain and ‘bleed’ to the surrounding area.

Every product is made to order and so the exact finish, colouration and design may vary slightly from the images shown here, on the website. The safety of our products is of importance to us and a reasonable effort has been made to smooth sharp edges and create a safe design. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot guarantee all hazards are eliminated and so we advise that young children are carefully watched when near Exteria products. We do not take liability for any losses or damages relating to the use of our products. Please see our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page for more information.


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