A delicate yet robust fire pit, inspired by nature.

Honeycomb Fire Pit

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The Honeycomb Fire Pit is available laser cut into Corten, mild steel and stainless steel. It is unique in its delicate design. This impressive piece will make the perfect centrepiece to any outdoor space, keeping the chill off during those cool evenings and a stunning garden feature when not alight.

We recommend spending the extra on this item to get the fire pit in Corten as the metal will never rust through and the details on this product will not rust-through.

In stainless steel, the heat from the fire will cause unique discolouration, similar to an ‘oil spill chrome’ effect, where the metal is subject to intense heat. This will differ for every product produced in stainless steel.

This fire pit’s dimensions are as follows: 0.77m height x 1m width x 0.87m depth.

After different dimensions, a different finish or a personalised version of the fire pit? Get in touch!

Be sure to read our finishes guide to ensure you get the material and finish perfect for your space.

All Corten and mild steel products will be delivered un-rusted. The metal will naturally rust when exposed to natural elements, giving each product a unique patina. Corten or untreated mild steel can contaminate the soil and make it difficult for plants to grow in this area. The rust colour may be carried by the rain and ‘bleed’ to the surrounding area.

Every product is made to order and so the exact finish, colouration and design may vary slightly from the images shown here, on the website. The safety of our products is of importance to us and a reasonable effort has been made to smooth sharp edges and create a safe design. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot guarantee all hazards are eliminated and so we advise that young children are carefully watched when near Exteria products. We do not take liability for any losses or damages relating to the use of our products. Please see our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page for more information.


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